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No DC voltage output or voltage output unstable

Delivery time:2015-9-25 Num:613
 If the fuse is intact and under load conditions, there is no output DC voltage levels. This is mainly due to the following reasons: The power of an open circuit, short circuit, overvoltage, overcurrent protection circuit fails, auxiliary power failure, the oscillation circuit does not work, power overload, the circuit rectifier diode breakdown, filter capacitor leakage and so on. After measuring the secondary components with a multimeter, excluding high-frequency rectifier diode breakdown, load short-circuit, the output is zero if the time, you can be sure that the power control circuit a fault. If part of the voltage output, the front-end circuit is working properly, the fault lies in the high-frequency rectifier filter circuit.  High-frequency filter circuit mainly by the rectifier diode and low pressure filter capacitors, rectifier diode breakdown would no voltage output of the circuit; the output filter capacitor leakage will cause voltage instability and other failures. Corresponding elements can be measured with a multimeter to check out its damaged components.