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The advent of aluminum ion battery rechargeable

Delivery time:2015-4-21 Num:4838
American "natural" magazine online edition published a Research Report,The latest research and development of the aluminum cell with high efficient and durable, fast charging,low flammability, low cost, safe alternative to conventional battery can be.

According to the news, head of the research team, Department of chemistry of Stanford University professor of Chinese Dai Hongjie said,They put the graphite as the anode material, the test to confirm the performance of graphite materials are good, and with a plasma liquid equivalent salt solution as electrolyte, In order to solve the bottleneck problem in the research of aluminum battery materials. Dai Hongjie said, the aluminum ion batteries they developed can charge and discharge ,with fast charging, not easy to highlight the advantages of combustion and explosion, folding, the material cost is low. He said: "this is a major breakthrough in the development of rechargeable batteries, because of aluminum battery rechargeable basically does not exist, especially with the properties of aluminum cell."

The researchers said, because the plasma electrolyte does not burn, aluminum and graphite is not easy to burn,So the aluminum batteries are safe. Research Report shows that as a test of aluminum battery safety, the researchers drilling on the battery, the battery did not explode combustion,And still running for some time. In addition to the high security, the aluminum cell with new technology is an important breakthrough in performance. For example, aluminum battery in just 1 minutes to complete the fast charging.

In addition, because the aluminum and graphite belongs to flexible materials, aluminum battery can be bent, folded does not affect performance. The future of the aluminum cell can also be used for the storage of renewable energy in the grid, but also can be used for electric vehicle.However, the current aluminum battery technology remains to be further improved, such as the need to increase the energy density of the battery, aluminum.