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Job knowledge competition, enhance the professional skills

Delivery time:2015-4-21 Num:959

In order to ensure the full completion of business indicators, fully mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of staff, especially front-line all new employees,

Through the job skills should be known competitions mobilize workshop, learn, catch, than help, super enthusiasm,To improve the management level of teams and groups; the job skills competition, inspection staff in this position should be aware of the basic knowledge, operation skill, operation essentials, safety operation specification implementation; The company decided to organize all the employees "job skills should be known contest". Eventually, after fierce competition for one hour, three outstanding production staff with outstanding performance won the first, quality inspection department and production department more than 30 employees was two or three.

Carry out the "job skills should be aware of the competition" activities, the ultimate goal is to promote the smooth implementation of the goal of the company in 2015, To this end, we will put the work enthusiasm and being full of pragmatic scientific attitude combined to establish general business, do a solid job every day, every piece of  work, Efforts to "job skills should be aware of the competition" activities into goals, embodies the power of self value, promoting the development of the company.