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Winsunny New Year party at 2014

Delivery time:2015-1-21 Num:2723

The general manager to review 2014, outlook 2015

Great prizes, wish you all a happy New Year 

New Year party is the indispensable "family event once a year".At the end of the beginning of the year, the annual meeting of this form to organize various activities, boost the morale, deployment strategy, goal setting, played a new year.Annual meeting of 2014 year review of the work, make the arrangements and deployment of the work in 2015, The annual recognition of the advanced, enhance the company s internal staff exchanges and communication, and promote the company s enterprise culture construction, At the same time, the plan for the year 2014 will be invited to participate in the sharing of suppliers, the company a year to the performance results, in the happy atmosphere, strengthen the cooperation and communication with suppliers.  
  Hereby winsunny wish you will soon usher in the new year. Family fun! Lots of money!