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Company News
  • Winsunny New Year party at 2014

    New Year party is the indispensable "family event once a year".At the end of the beginning of the year, the annual meeting of this form to organize various activities, boost the morale, deployment strategy, goal setting,...more+

  • Shanghai Winsunny electronic "Oriental Land" extension activities

    In order to better stimulate their working enthusiasm, positive communication between staff and workers, mutual trust among employees, solidarity and cooperation, team awareness, enhance their sense of responsibility and...more+

  • Job knowledge competition, enhance the professional skills

    In order to ensure the full completion of business indicators, fully mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of staff, especially front-line all new employees, Through the job skills should be known competitions mobilize...more+

  • 2015 May Day Holiday Arrangement of Winsunny

    Dear friends, Winsunny will be closed for May Day from May 1 to May 3. If you have any inquiry during our holidays.Please feel free to mail to or call the company number 021-67639430.We would get your...more+