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Industry Control
Industrial power is good or bad for the normal and effective operation of plant equipment management and equipment has an important influence, so choosing the industrial power are equally important as choosing all other important components of industry control system. According to the installation method, general industry power supply can be divided into three categories: plug-in switching power supply, flat panel switching power supply and din-rail switching power supply.

Plug-in switching power supply:
It is designed in accordance with IP00 protection rating, mainly for installation within the existing shell of a single power supply (such as an internal power inverter, etc.). Such devices do not provide protection for foreign bodies and the ingress of water, but also incapable of shock and vibration. Therefore, in the field of industrial control systems, this form of power is rarely used.

Flat panel Switching Power Supply:
Strictly flat panel switching power supply is in accordance with IP20 degree of protection required to carry out the design, generally speaking, power supply has this level of protection can be directly installed in a dry room and the control box,And can be protected against touching live parts, to prevent access to a diameter of 12.5 mm (0.5 inches) or more foreign bodies.

Din-rail Switching Power Supply:
Din-rail switching power switching power supply with the same flat, external power supply using IP20 grade enclosure. Technically DIN standard guide using gauge-style installation methods, As a plug and play, Mounted on a movable appliances or mounted on a standard rail industrial control cabinet, industrial power supply facilities to fully meet the needs of the installation. Compared with ordinary flatbed switching power supply, it has a simple installation, high reliability, good thermal performance and easy maintenance advantages. With the industrial control system power requirements increasingly high, the rail switching power supply will be more widely used in industrial fields.