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New Energy
Solar energy is the energy power generation。Solar power system consists of solar battery, solar controller, battery (Group).If the output power to AC 220V or 110V, also need to configure the inverter. The role of the various parts for:

(1) The solar battery board:
The solar panel is the core part of the solar power generation system, the highest part of the value is the solar power system. Its role is to the sun s radiation is converted to electrical energy, Or sent or stored in batteries, or to promote the work load. The quality of solar panels  and the cost of the entire system will directly determine the quality and cost.

(2) The solar controller:
The solar controller s role is to control the entire system,And to the overcharge protection, over discharge protection function to the battery. Place in a larger temperature difference, the controller should also be qualified with temperature compensation function. Other additional features such as optical switch, time switch should be optional controller.

(3) Battery:
Lead-acid batteries in general, small micro system, can also be used nickel metal hydride batteries, nickel cadmium battery or lithium battery. Its role is to make the solar energy can be stored, to be released when needed.

(4) Inverter:
On many occasions, the AC power supply is required to provide 220VAC, 110VAC. Because of the direct output of solar energy in general are 12VDC, 24VDC, 48VDC. In order to provide power to the 220VAC appliances, DC will be issued to the solar power generation system can be converted into electrical energy, So need to use the DC-AC inverter,In some cases, need to use a variety of load voltage,Also used for DC-DC inverter, such as 24VDC power into 5VDC power (note, is not a simple blood pressure).

(5) The principle of wind power generation:
Large scale wind turbine usually adopts the horizontal axis type, which is composed of a wind wheel, transmission (gear box), generator, offset device, control system, tower and other components. Because of the wind direction will change frequently, in order to effectively utilize the wind energy, must have to have the device automatically to windward, According to the measured signal detector,Offset control motor by the controller, the drive pinion drive gear on the tower, so that the whole room by the automatic control system, can have to windward.