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High Speed Train
At present, the power supply of high speed railway can make use of in addition to public power grid to provide power supply, There may be the use of solar power, wind power, diesel generator, Contact network leapfrog of power supply,But the most common is AC-DC-AC power battery energy storage system, Power supply by changing the orchestration Buck and Voltage to provide power to 380/220V + 5%,Its key technology is to solve the problem of voltage fluctuation,In the operation process of the locomotive catenary voltage fluctuations in the range of 19kV ~ 31.5kV.

Must be the voltage drop for three phase 380/220V, voltage fluctuations will be stable at + 5%, and the harmonic control range. Voltage stability accuracy + 2%; frequency stabilization accuracy + 0.1%; the total harmonic content of <2%; the rated output power of 10 to 120kVA.