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Development Policy
Quality Policy
Superior performance, international quality, first-class service, innovation management, high efficient system, well-known reputation.
Superior performance: Product performance has reached both domestic and foreign counterparts advanced level
International quality: The product quality meets or exceeds the requirements of quality indexes of international famous enterprises
First-class service: Honest, sincere, strict, efficient and value to customers provides the first-class service.
Innovation management: To innovate the concept of management 、 management strategy、 type of operation、 meet the challenges and win the competition
High efficient system: Establish the high quality and high efficient continuously improvement of quality management system.
Well-known reputation: Create and win the worldwide popularity and reputation, set up good image of brand for Winsunny.
Winsunny has the strictly quality control in the whole process of product design and production. For the product design, our company fully meet the ISO9001 and TS16949 standards set by the APQP and PPAP controls. For the procurement management, our company chose the suppliers strictly,all of them meet the ISO9001 standard requirements, all materials purchased from the international famous manufacturers. All the manufacturing engineering of our products could meet the standards of IPC-610, and pass 24 hours of burn in high temperature of 45℃, and strictly pass the IQC, IPQC, FQC test and examine ,then their products could be dispatched from their factories.So this would guarantee the customers could receive the totally qualified and superior performance products.
The company pursues WEEE&ROHS. According to "WEEE Directive 2002/96/ EEC ","ROHS Directive 2002/95 / EEC ","pack order - 94/62 / EEC","Cadmium Directive 91/338/EEC "strictly, and guarantees to meet the standard demand of environmental protection.
The goals of Winsunny product is becoming the "Invisible Champion" of the global products and provide the highest quality , professional and delicate products to the customers.
Customer Information Security Policy
Winsunny committed to keep the customer related information strictly confidential, and the information department would be the task force to manage all customer information .
Main items:
1. Signed the secrecy agreement with each employees and urged them to strictly follow the rules and regulations, strengthen the concept of legal for them, enhance their sense of confidentiality.
2. Build the systemic customer files、orders and products information security policies and procedures.To ensure the customer information is not at liberty to reveal.
3. Non file management staff was forbidden to enter the document control room,we ensure the customer information would not be malicious leaked and stolen.
Environmental, Health and Safety Policy
Winsunny has built the strictly environmental control system according to the ISO14001. Strictly comply with the legislation and regulations to ensure the safety of the work place and the environmental protection of products. We always concerned about the employees safety and health and strict to putting the environmental protection, the employees safety and health , the environmental and safety of product in the first place.
We committed: Secure environment、healthy life、 harmonious development、good future idea and strictly comply with the legislation, prevent the pollution ,continuously emission reduction and energy saving. To ensure the environmental protection policy and do our best efforts to be the corporate citizen with the social responsibility.
Environmental policy:
1. Aspire to becoming the person with the sense of social responsibility and always having the concept of environmental protection during the company operation and working time.
2. The work place has been implemented the 6S management.To make the work place clean and comfortable.
3. All emissions meet the national standards,including the exhaust gas, no production wastewater, waste residue and noise.
4. To reduce the use rate and loss of the office equipments, office supplies, save the water,electricity and energy. 改为To Promote the use rate and reduce the loss of the office equipments, office supplies, save the water, electricity and energy.
Safety policy:
1. All employees must have the strictly safety concept and safety knowledge training when they joined our company.After they agreeing with our company safety concept and training qualified,then they could enter the trial period.
2. Promote employees to comply with the national laws and traffic regulations.
3. Frequently to do the fire and emergency drills, formulate the emergency plan, it is a good preparation in case of emergencies disposal.
4. Regularly to check and confirm the hidden danger, do the safety inspection everyday, inspect and solve the possible hidden danger in time.
Health policy:
1. Winsunny promote the employees should have a healthy body and also have the positive attitude.The employees should always maintain full of positive energy both in their work and life time.
2. Winsunny actively organized many sports activities every years. Such as basketball, badminton, football match or take part in outdoor activities.
3. Winsunny often organized various cultural and recreational activities every years. Such as singing match, speech match, common knowledge match and so on. The employees always work in the place with friendly, lively, relaxed and harmonious atmosphere.
Superior Cost Control
Winsunny has the perfect cost control system that including manufacturing process, supply chain management, internal quality control, human resources management, enterprise operation cost and social cost in product research and development, all could be fully controlled.

So this make the Winsunny product cost at the most reasonable and competitive position. Ensure the customers choose the Winsunny, it means choose the most competitive products and price.

Corporate Responsibility
Reward the shareholders and contribute to the society
It is an important goal of the Winsunny development policy to reward the shareholders and contribute to the society.During the company development, we stick to sharing the concept of the company development to our investors and ensuring the profit of each shareholder is fully protected.

At the same time Winsunny always insist to fulfill the social responsibility of the enterprise. Make our greatest efforts to create more social benefits and more job opportunities for local area. We would fulfill the social responsibility actively, such as make the donation to support disaster area construction, funding for poor students, support the new socialist countryside construction, support the cultural and sports programs, make the positive contribution to the local economy and social harmonious development.